Hannibal. manufactoring.


Hannibal. true craftmanship.

true craftmanship.

it has taken us many years to find and build a relationship with our suppliers. we chose to only work with family owned, smaller tailors, that understand the power of true craftsmanship. most of them are based closely to munich, whilst a few others have been found in italy and poland. it takes time to find the right partners. the ones we have set-off on this journey with, truly make us feel humbled and proud.

Hannibal. materials.


it is key for us to work with the best natural materials. we pay special attention to the wool, linen and cotton knits, we use for the collection. on the hunt for the most beautiful, functional and durable materials, we like to work with trusted partners, most of them we have known for many years. every season we like to conduct deep research, finding new combinations or surfaces that fit within our philosophy. important to the studio is to provide a finished product that looks impeccable and will last for many years to come.