Hannibal. tailoring.


Hannibal. reine handarbeit.

when we say: “reine hand- und (kopf)arbeit”, we mean it.

every single garment comes from a unique sentiment and specific image. it is translated from here into a series of sketches, patterns and detailed illustrations. the process can be lengthy, intense and often subject to careful adjustments.

Hannibal. like writing a letter.

simon often compares it to writing a letter.

slowly tearing the pages and the words on them, whilst rearranging them into a free flowing composition. Hannibal makes clothes that come from the heart.

Hannibal. design form function.

the symbiosis between design, form and function

the detailed process that precedes the finished article, is deliberate, full of meticulous changes and profound hand-crafted tailoring. therefore, each individual piece can be seen as a well-balanced symbiosis between design, form and function.